Engineering And Execution Of Disconnection, Towing And Re-installation Of FPU DH01 At Dai Hung Field, Block 05-1A, Offshore VietNam

Client : PVEP POC
Work location: Dai Hung Field
Water depth: 110m
Offshore time: Jun 2020
Vessel: AHTS Hai Duong 12, AHTS Hai Duong 79 and AHTS TC Fortune
Equipment: ROV Quantum 3 and Rigging gear

Project SOW:

  • Step by step disconnect and lay down on the sea bed the following systems of Dai Hung 01 FPU: flexible risers, umbilical, submarine cable and mooring chains;
  • Towing Dai Hung 01 FPU to Dock;
  • After the well 1P, 2P and 3P had been plugged and abandoned:
    • Disconnect Dai Hung 01 FPU at Vung Tau anchorage;
    • Towing back to Dai Hung oil field;
    • Re-installation Dai Hung 01 FPU and her systems