Work location: Rang Dong oil field 

Water depth: 58m

Offshore Time:  May 2018

Vessel: Pacific Diligence, PTSC Ha Long &  TC 89

Equipment: WROV Quantum 3 & Rigging gear

Project SOW:

  • Load out and transport all mooring leg components from onshore Vung Tau to offshore site.
  • Receipt of existing Top Chain from FSO MV17, recover existing mooring leg components.
  • Pre-tension (soil cutting) for nine (09) Pile Chains and Anchor Piles by OCV;
  • Connect remaining components of new mooring legs to Pile Chains and laying;
  • Hold FSO MV17 during disconnection of existing mooring legs and hook-up of new mooring legs using Heading Control Tug
  • Transfer and handover new mooring legs to FSO MV17 Turret and pull into Chain stopper and hang off;
  • Dispose existing chain.