The TOS-01-15 tensioner is a horizontal caterpillar track system for the handling of flexible, umbilical and steel pipe. The unit is powered by an electro hydraulic power pack and operated from a remote control cabin or from the tensioner structure itself. The unit can be set to operate automatically in pull-in, pay-out, constant tension or render mode.

Speed, tension and product distance are displayed on a control console. The maximum compressive force of this unit is 15Te. The system can be transported on a standard 20ft articulated truck. An external power supply of 440V, 3-phase, 75kW, 50/60Hz is required using a 250kVa generator or alternative power supply.

TOS-01-15 tensioner specification download



The TOS-200T Reel Adapter powered reel is a tower drive system for handling umbilical, small flexible, wire ropes and coiled tubing. The unit is fitted with horizontal cylinders to engage the drive hubs into the reel centre with pins slotting into the reel drive holes and vertical hydraulic jacks to raise and lower the drive hubs of reels at full load capacity.

Various adapter plates are available to suit different reel flange arrangements and hole center diameters.

The tower bases are bolted together and spacer beams are available to suit different reel widths. The reel is powered by either an electro hydraulic and operated from either a remote control console or at the power pack.

TOS-01-200T REEL ADAPTER specification download