Our products include the sale and leasing of rigging equipment such as: pendant wires, shackles, kenter link, wire slings, chain block, hydraulic winch, air winch….

We generally provide all the rigging equipment required in these lifting operations. We also provide rigging services, which include inspection, load testing and spooling and termination of steel wire rope.

Available Models:

  • Hydraulic winch: up to 250t
  • Shackle: up to 500t
  • Wire: up to 115mm
  • Testbed system 500T


Morring buoy

A global leading integrated solutions provider for temporary and permanent moorings. Regardless of water depth, mooring requirements and component requirements, Thien Nam Mooring Services provide a unique opportunity for customized and cost-effective solutions.

Our inventory includes all types of mooring equipment available for rental or direct purchase. Steel wire ropes, anchor chain, buoys, synthetic tethers, anchors and a complete range of jewelry to connect the different components together. The equipment is certified and controlled within our QA/QC management systems.